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Meet the Founders

tara de vries
ozlem kaymaz



-Mind Freedom Coach

-Transformation Guide

-GOE Energy Therapist

-ICF Coach

-Public Role Model

-Health Care Advocate


-TedX Talker

-Keynote Speaker

-TV presenter

-NLP Coach

-Kundalini Yoga Practitioner

-Cacao Ceremony Facilitator

-Public Role Model

-Health Care Advocate


-Keynote Speaker

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ICF coach


We are ordinary people faced with extraordinary situations. 

In the journey of life, change of situations are inevitable, yet to transform yourself is a conscious choice. 

Our story emphasizes that one's response and attitude towards the future matter more than what has happened in the past. We have been blessed in our journey of self-healing with the guidance of incredible teachers and mentors. 

Self-development is an ongoing process, and we strive to continuously learn and filter our knowledge to create impactful education programs. Following the completion of coaching classes, we launched our teaching journey in 2020, touching the lives of countless individuals through our Mind Freedom classes.

Myself and my daughter are working for quite a time to share our true-life experiences with people around us through our practices.

We are thrilled to announce that our work has expanded, enabling us to fulfill our dream of guiding women towards a journey of healing, and achieving balance in their mind, body, and soul.

That's why we have created a safe and nurturing space for women to come and prioritize their own well-being. Our approach is holistic, our goal is to empower women to take control of their health and happiness, and to provide them with the tools they need to thrive.

The Institution of Well-being for Women is a dedicated organization focused on promoting the mental, physical, and emotional health of women.

LOCL workshops


We believe in the extraordinary power of women coming together to ignite their passions and embrace their true potential. To flow and flourish in the path of their dreams and being able to choose Consciously in every aspect of life. Women deserves to feel strong, vibrant, and fulfilled, and we are committed to helping them to thrive in their lives.

We strongly believe in Transformation. 

As daughters of the cosmos, we are molded by the hands of others and ourselves, crafting our destinies in this realm. Yet, beneath the veil of expectations, lies a sacred truth: 

"To honor our divine essence and bloom into our fullest expression.”

 Embracing this truth, we step into the realm of authenticity, where our uniqueness and growth intertwine. For in being true to ourselves, we might discover that the greatest transformation lies in the beauty of our own becoming.

At L.O.C.L., we're on a mission to support and to empower women through transformative experiences. We provide a platform, a commited society of wonderful women with similar intentions, where you can gather, support one another, learn and share from one another ,and unleash your inner superwoman through the practices in the institute.

Come join us on this journey of self-discovery and Transformation!


By prioritizing women's well-being, the Institution aims to create a supportive and inclusive community where all women can  be authentic and thrive.

L.O.C.L. is a platform operated by qualified professionals in various healing facilities, dedicated to helping women achieve mental health, mental resilience, body awareness and exploring their energy field.

This is no ordinary club; it's a place where you'll find a sisterhood of support, a recipe for transformation, and access to your inner superhero. The Kundalini Yoga is spellbinding, the Cacao Ceremonies are like a potion, Women Circles are inspiring  and the Mind Work is like an incantation that unlocks your hidden potential. So, gather your girl gang and let's go on an enchanting journey of self-discovery!


The women's community promotes femininity, sisterhood, and a fulfilling life by balancing the body, mind, and soul. At L.O.C.L., women can unlock their true potential and live to the fullest.


But it's not just about empowerment – it's about creating tangible results.

The community offers a selection of programs, each a magical key to unlock your true potential  through exploring your authentic self. Reach out to your inner peace and tranquility through a complete mind-body-soul experience has never been more achievable.



L.O.C.L is committed to offer “Transformation” through various facilities, to provide women the tools and skills to manage their balance and improve their mental well-being, prioritizing self-discovery and personal growth and expanding consciousness while experiencing the tremendous power of their divine female energy.

We're here to empower women by offering transformative experiences that combine 

  • Mind Freedom,

  • Women Circles,

  • Kundalini Yoga,

  • Sound Journey,

  • Cacao ceremonies 

       and many more workshops... 

Our aim is to create a collective conscious force that turns ordinary lives into something extraordinary.

How to feel better?

How to look better?

How to eat better?

How to sleep better? 

How to transform your life and awaken your desire to live as an Integrated Women?


Get ready to join a fierce tribe of self-discovery, sisterhood, and kick-butt empowerment!

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