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Unlock the Magic of Cacao Ceremony

Connect to your inner self, open your heart, strengthen your awareness, experience transformation, feel present and loving.

Introduce yourself to the centuries-old art of Cacao Ceremony.


Honoring and celebrating cacao as a sacred drink is an ancient tradition, originating from the Mayans in Mesoamerica. 

In the Mayan Cosmovision, cacao plays a fundamental role:

opening pathways to the divine realms, allowing connection to elements and subtle forces.
As “food of the gods” cacao enjoyed high value and significance for thousands of years.
It was a sign of wealth, power, abundance and fertility.  
Honored in rituals, offered to the gods in ceremonies, feasts, burials and sacrifices. 
The pure cacao ceremony has been reintroduced in its contemporary and multicultural form not so long ago .
As this spirit plant is coming back to support the shift of humanity into the heart space.

Cacao is seen as the medicine of the heart and is truly one of the medicine foods that will support to elevate humanity

into the heart space. Cacao works on the subtle levels by energetically opening the heart center, allowing us to enter a state of love, bliss and euphoria. Cacao is honored as a gift from the gods. Its unique alchemy, its elevating transformative power helps us to shift down from the head into the heart. Opening our hearts towards ourselves and from that place to everything around us. Leading us from fear to love and from separation to connection.

Cacao is seen as a plant with a spirit. She is also referred to as Mother Cacao and has very embracing, loving and kind qualities. But she is also strong, powerful and will help you to see, feel and hear what is ready to unfold.

She is like an embracing mother helping you to shine the light on all that is ready to be seen in your life.

She is holding the space for you to help to find acceptance, forgiveness and kindness.

Supporting you to find the heart courage to open new doors and to follow the longings of your heart.

It strongly supports the act of meditation, healing work, creative expression, human connection as well as energetical and physical releases. Cacao can be very playful and journeys with her are beautifully integradable into life.

— cacao is the blood of the heart - speaking the language of love —

Benefits of Cacao

Cacao ceremonies are believed to offer a range of
physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.
While individual experiences may vary, some commonly reported benefits include:

  • Heart Openin

Cacao is often associated with opening the heart chakra, fostering a sense of emotional openness, connection, and love.

  • Enhanced Mood

The natural compounds in cacao, such as theobromine and
anandamide, are thought to have mood-enhancing properties, potentially promoting feelings of joy and well-being.

  • Increased Awareness

Participants may experience heightened awareness, both
of their inner selves and th
e surrounding environment, contributing to a more mindful and present state.

  • Stress Reduction

The ritualistic and intentional nature of cacao ceremonies,

combined with the soothing effects of cacao, can help reduce stress levels and promote relaxation.

  • Spiritual Connection

Cacao ceremonies often incorporate spiritual elements,
providing participants with a sense of connection to a higher purpose, inner self, or spiritual realm.

  • Facilitation of Inner Work

Cacao is believed to act as a gentle facilitator for inner
work and self-reflection, allowi
ng participants to explore emotions, thoughts, and personal insights.

  • Creativity Boost

Some participants report increased creative inspiration and
heightened intuition during or after a cacao ceremony.

  • Physical Well-being

Cacao contains nutrients that may contribute to physical well-
being, including an
tioxidants, minerals, and compounds that support cardiovascular health.

  • Community and Connection

Cacao ceremonies often involve a communal aspect, fostering a sense of connection and shared experience among participants.

  • Energetic Release

The ceremonial consumption of cacao is sometimes
associated with the release of stagnant energy and emotional blockages, promoting a sense of catharsis.

Cacao lifts the vibration into the heart Space - Elevating mood and frequency

THEOBROMINE - heart opening (heart rate and blood circulation increases by 20%), functioning as gentle sustainable energizer.
TRYPTOPHAN - critical for producing serotonin and melatonin.
SEROTONIN - accelerates the happy vibration.
MELATONIN - helps relaxation.
DOPAMINE - supports creativity, better focus and functions as a motivation booster.
ANANDAMIDE - “bliss molecule” - increased feeling of euphoria PEA - “love molecule” - stimulates happy hormones and creates a love feeling.

Does ceremonial cacao get you “high”?

First, let’s clarify what you consider to be “high”.

If you’re thinking about the psychedelic-type of consciousness- altering “high”, then the answer is no. Ceremonial cacao in no way makes you feel “high” in the way a consciousness-altering

ingestible like psilocybin or cannabis does.

If you’re thinking about a strong-cup-of-coffee-type of altering
“high”, then the answer is yes. Like coffee, ceremonial cacao is a
stimulant that will alter your states of body and mind once ingested.

How does ceremonial cacao make you feel?

Unlike coffee, which contains a high-concentration of caffeine that stimulates the nervous system and

can give you an alert and jittery “buzz”, ceremonial cacao contains an abundance of theobromine
that stimulates the cardiovascular system and can give you the feeling of a warm and uplifting “hum”.

In low doses, it brings about an alert but comforting, less jittery body-state in comparison to coffee.

In high-doses (40g is considered a “ceremonial” or high dose), it can generate a warm and euphoric

body-state not dissimilar to the elation some people experience when feeling deeply connected

with life in a beautiful moment.

What makes ceremonial cacao “ceremonial”?

The heart-opening sensation that ceremonial cacao generates, and the production process the cacao bean goes through to generate it, are the main reasons why this particular type of cacao is labeled “ceremonial”.

Technically speaking, for a cacao-product to have “ceremonial” on its label it needs to be organic,

ethically-sourced, and minimally or traditionally processed pure cacao bean paste,

made from high-quality Criollo or Trinitario beans.

The reason for this is that the Criollo and Trinitario beans have the highest concentration of joy-enducing compounds (such as theobromine, serotonin, proanthocyanin, anandamine, and many others) out of all cacao bean strains. By processing the bean minimally through traditional means (you can learn more about that

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