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Are you committed to becoming the best version of yourself?


When you learn the Human Operating System you're able to control your MindSet,  you’ll be blown away at what you’re able to create and how easy it is to build the exact life you’ve always wanted.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our own minds.



Online or at location Group workshops to help you create an incredible life by cultivating peace&joy from within.

Upgrade your life in the best possible way!

We have 2 different programs available for the complete Mind Freedom


  • Master Your MIND workshop

This Workshops are designed in such a way that incremental changes are made over 30 days until your habitual mental patterns begin to shift.

In this programs you'll learn:

  • All about the working of your mind and how you can become the creator of your experience.

  • How to manage overthinking, ruminating, stressing and worrying so that you feel like you are back in control of your emotional states.

  • Tools to free yourself from your conditioned mind with it's constraining thoughts and self limiting beliefs.

  • About mindfulness and how to use it both formally and informally as a mind management tool.

  • How to respond in a measured and responsible way instead of reacting and regretting your words, choices & behaviour later on.

  • How to be present versus being lost in the illusion of past and present.

  • To implement gratitude as a daily practice.

  • The tools to reset your state of mind in the moment.

  • A perspective shift which improves empathy and insight - the necessary components for positive relationships.

  • To reframe a situation through your focus and words which will ultimately shift your experience.

  • How to use self inquiry as a powerful technique to clear your mind of anxious, negative and stressful thoughts.


Pre-workshop: Certificate from The TRANSFORMATION

Attending students: with max 7 people

Requirements: Comfortable clothing, own snacks in case of intolerance of food.

Sessions: Saturdays 3 full Day Workshop 10.00-16.00 CET

LOCL Institute


Workshop ONLINE

Pre-workshop: Certificate from The TRANSFORMATION

Attending students: with max 5 people

Requirements: Laptop, earphones, pen& paper for journaling, printer, mp3 player.

Sessions: Zoom online 5 sessions of 2 hours

Zoom Online
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