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There are 3 things every person should know in order to change their life.


MENTAL  Strength.

Massive Conscious ACTION.

We were never taught them in school. And they make every single thing in our life better.

Mind Freedom is;


  • The purification from the thinking patterns and habits seeded by the conditionings of 0-7 years of age by your parents. 

  • Breakthrough of disappointing patterns that you repeat all your life. 

  • Deep understanding of your actions which makes you feel distanced to yourself.

  • Understanding your Mind. How does it work? How does it take control over you. 

  • Alignment of your actions with your thoughts.

  • Ending the strive to survive and going with the flow.

  • Love, joy, gratitude and all the positive emotions prevail your life. 

  • Taking full responsibility of your own life.

  • In life the need and the search ends and the manifesting of dreams begins. 


The question is:

Are you willing to make conscious choices to shape your life story without being influenced by the Voice, also known as the Mind? Wouldn't you prefer to acknowledge that voice, observe it, but not follow it? This way, you can be fully present in reality and experience feelings of blessings, joy, and freedom from sorrow. Would you like to manifest your own Transformation and take a conscious step to new YOU?

Getting the Mind Freedom complete program is giving you the power to change your perception

because you realize that it is possible to look at things from different angle, a complete different angle then

the “Story of Mind" which you mostly listen and let you guide.

You gain most importantly the realization of the voice in your head “It isn't you!”



We teach you how to feel better.

We teach you how to coach yourself.

We teach you how to take massive conscious action.


Let me guide you on this journey towards creating your own miracle. 

Remember, if I could do it, so can YOU!

What is a One-On-One "Mind Freedom" session ?

One-on-one sessions are focused on identifying specific stressful or problematic issues that keep coming up for you. Together we identify the underlying thoughts and beliefs that are causing you to feel stressed / sad / anxious / frustrated / disappointed / fearful / angry or hopeless. To give you an insight, just one of the tools I use is; Byron Katie's powerful method of self inquiry. It is a simple yet powerful process of asking and answering 4 questions. It's a revolutionary approach because by questioning your thoughts you get to release the "charge" and they dissolve and make way for new possibilities. When you no longer have the same thoughts and beliefs circulating in your mind you no longer have the same reality. You are able to move forward with a renewed sense of purpose and peace. You get to experience the clarity and joy on the other side of these concepts because this freeing process gives you an entirely different perspective of your life.


How does it work?
Each session lasts 60 - 75 minutes and takes place either in-person or online.
The objective is to work with one concept or issue per session. 
This transformative process  is providing you the clarity about how your Mind works. 
Allows you to understand the structure and layers of your thinking patterns. Being a GOE energy terapist I do intend to use the Modern EFT tapping in my private sessions as a catalyst to "Change Emotions" and "Instant Feel good Energy".
You want to gain control over that voice in your head ?
Do you want to ease your mind ?

This is what you'll need for your in Person Mind Freedom Session:

All coaching sessions taking place in person requires a 15 min free Online introduction after filling in the application form.

Please consider in person sessions 90mins for the first one. You receive printed material and your L.O.C.L journal for further homework.

This is what you'll need for your Online Mind Freedom Session:

  • Internet

  • A laptop/PC,Ipad or Phone

  • Whatsapp or Zoom

Please contact me by email for an appointment. I will confirm back shortly once I receive your request.

You will be receiving an application form in order to plan your introduction session.



Online or at location Group workshops to help you create an incredible life by cultivating peace&joy from within.

Upgrade your life in the best possible way!

We have 2 different programs available for the complete Mind Freedom


  • Master Your MIND workshop

This Workshops are designed in such a way that incremental changes are made over 30 days until your habitual mental patterns begin to shift.

In this programs you'll learn:

  • All about the working of your mind and how you can become the creator of your experience.

  • How to manage overthinking, ruminating, stressing and worrying so that you feel like you are back in control of your emotional states.

  • Tools to free yourself from your conditioned mind with it's constraining thoughts and self limiting beliefs.

  • About mindfulness and how to use it both formally and informally as a mind management tool.

  • How to respond in a measured and responsible way instead of reacting and regretting your words, choices & behaviour later on.

  • How to be present versus being lost in the illusion of past and present.

  • To implement gratitude as a daily practice.

  • The tools to reset your state of mind in the moment.

  • A perspective shift which improves empathy and insight - the necessary components for positive relationships.

  • To reframe a situation through your focus and words which will ultimately shift your experience.

  • How to use self inquiry as a powerful technique to clear your mind of anxious, negative and stressful thoughts.

  • Transformation Workshop

  • Master your MIND Workshop

Stories of Transformation

Watch and read to stories of personal breakthroughs, profound transformations, and powerful creations from our community of workshops and private session participants.

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