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Tara de Vries

I was born and raised in Amsterdam and embracing the rich blend of my Dutch and Turkish heritage. My main source of motivation in life comes from my family's unique story, and I'm genuinely proud of the person I've become today.


My story began when I was just 4 years old, deeply influenced by the arrival of my brother, who was born with a one-in-a-million anomaly. As his ongoing medical needs unfolded, I found myself diagnosed with selective mutism. This condition meant that I faced difficulties in speaking, particularly in certain situations. It's crucial to recognize that every one of us encounters challenges, and it's absolutely normal not to have a life that looks flawless on the surface.


My spiritual exploration began at a young age, and my life experiences forced me to grow up quickly. I pursued studies in business and media, splitting my time between Istanbul and Amsterdam. In 2018, I had the incredible opportunity to represent Turkey at the Miss Universe pageant after being crowned Miss Turkey. It was a pivotal moment for me, as it marked my first significant step in conquering my selective mutism and speaking in front of large audiences.

tara de vries

This personal growth continued when I worked as a presenter for one of Turkey's most famous television channels for over three years. I reached millions of viewers and even won awards for my work, gaining valuable insights along the way. Navigating my path to heal from childhood traumas, I've engaged in diverse training programs over the years, fostering internal growth.


My aspiration is to share these experiences with others and emphasize the importance of mindful conscious living.

"May the cosmos shower upon you a symphony of serenity and vitality, just as it has graced my life with its magic."

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