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Is your life dull & repetitive?

Do you often feel anxious or overwhelmed?

Are your stress levels out of control?

Are you feeling "stuck"?

Are you sick of living on "auto-pilot"?

Why don't you invest in your most valuable asset - YOU!

Transform yourself and your life with Mind Freedom Program.



Online or at location Group workshops to help you create an incredible life by cultivating peace&joy from within.

Upgrade your life in the best possible way!

We have 2 different programs available for the complete Mind Freedom


  • Master Your MIND workshop

This Workshops are designed in such a way that incremental changes are made over 30 days until your habitual mental patterns begin to shift.

In this programs you'll learn:

  • All about the working of your mind and how you can become the creator of your experience.

  • How to manage overthinking, ruminating, stressing and worrying so that you feel like you are back in control of your emotional states.

  • Tools to free yourself from your conditioned mind with it's constraining thoughts and self limiting beliefs.

  • About mindfulness and how to use it both formally and informally as a mind management tool.

  • How to respond in a measured and responsible way instead of reacting and regretting your words, choices & behaviour later on.

  • How to be present versus being lost in the illusion of past and present.

  • To implement gratitude as a daily practice.

  • The tools to reset your state of mind in the moment.

  • A perspective shift which improves empathy and insight - the necessary components for positive relationships.

  • To reframe a situation through your focus and words which will ultimately shift your experience.

  • How to use self inquiry as a powerful technique to clear your mind of anxious, negative and stressful thoughts.


Workshop at L.O.C.L 

Pre-workshop: After booking filling the Participation Form

Attending students: with max 7 people

Requirements: Comfortable clothing, own bottle, own snacks in case of intolerance of food

Sessions: Saturdays 3 full Day Workshop 10.00-16.00 CET

LOCL Institute


Workshop ONLINE

Pre-workshop: After booking filling the Participation Form

Attending students: with max 5 people

Requirements: Laptop, earphones, pen& paper for journaling, printer, mp3 player.

Sessions: Zoom online 5 sessions of 2-2.30 hours

Zoom Online
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