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Unless we learn the dance of feminine and masculine energies within us, we cannot feel complete as women.


Women Circle Membership program:

L.O.C.L institute is providing a safe space for women, whom shares the intention of self discovery and growth within Transformation.

A journey to walk hand in hand with sisters  aiming to  embrace our femininity, deconditioning our sexual taboo’s and beliefs. Discover the Feminine and Masculine energies of  the Human body.

In this circles we become: sisters, mothers and daughters, teachers and students, we become inspiration for each other. It is a space to be sensual, creative, wild, tender, sexual and holy.

An opportunity to explore together what it means to be an Integrated Woman. To explore our bodies and discover its secrets, its sensuality, its immense capacity for pleasure. To give space for our emotionality to be.

Here we learn to transform our tears into Love, our anger into Power, our insecurities into Creativity, our Dreams into our Life Reality.

If in any corner of yourself you feel that life can be more loving, more fun, more adventurous, more deep, more creative, more sensual and more sexual….then, this circles are for you.


Together we will blossom to our highest potential as Women, as Love itself.

Remind yourself that being human is

an orgasmic, loving, joyous, compassionate experience.  

Membership offers ;

  • Free entrance to Closed Women Circles ( 1st Thursday of the month)

      2 hours sessions every month, total 12 gatherings a year.

      Provided at L.O.C.L in Laren and broadcast to online members.

  • 50% off the fee “Take your Bestie" to any session taking place in L.O.C.L workshops.

  • 10% off the fee to any sessions taking place in L.O.C.L. Workshops.

  • Access to: Participation only Members "Advance group sessions Kundalini Energy Activation"

  • Access to; Participation only Members "Women Retreats” in Holland with professional team to discover- activate and boost female energy and bring juice in life.

  • Calendar info in advance.

Discover the Path to transformation

Participation fee yearly based p.p = 1110 €

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